Apple Stays Mac Pro Production in the US

Apple continues to produce the latest generation of Mac Pro in Austin, Texas, United States. This decision was made after going through lengthy discussions at the request of President Donald Trump.

Apple finally made Mac Pro in the US after the government gave tariff exemptions for several supporting devices.

The tariff war between the US and China indicates that Apple moved the production lines of some of its products outside the Bamboo Land. Apple itself has been producing Mac Pro since 2013 in Texas.

It's just that Apple needs to import Mac Pro components from China. The trade war led the US government to impose higher parts tariffs on goods from China.

Quoting CNN, the Trump administration agreed to provide tariff exemptions for components from China that are needed by Mac Pro.

This step is one of Trump's efforts to encourage technology companies to produce their products in the 'hometown'.

As is known, Mac Pro is one of the products besides the iPhone and iPad which are mostly produced in China. Not only relying on the supply chain of raw materials, Apple has also invested in trained labor to produce smart devices.

Apple and a number of technology giants have since exempted import tariff exemptions from China from the Trump administration. The White House had previously proposed the imposition of a 25 percent import tariff on US $ 300 billion of imported products from China. The US government then kicked down import taxes by 10 percent, until it ended delaying the policy.

Responding to this planned, Apple had planned to move its production line from Texas to China. with the reason to be closer to other factories. The plan was a major blow to the Trump administration, amid Apple's plan to increase investment of US $ 100 million for the factory in Texas.

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