Can Imran Khan bring a change to Pakistan?

Can Imran Khan bring a change to Pakistan?

With the star cricketer Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) winning the Pakistan National Election 2018, public expectations have up to an all-time high. a great deal is anticipated from him, since he has additional star power and air than any recent Pakistani leader has ever been and maybe a much better probability to alter the country future, despite the very fact that the election was wide thought-about tainted.

What are the factors that cause success for Imran Khan?

Pakistan has spent nearly 0.5 its life when below military rule. There has been no answerability for any progress. Proxy rule out the shape of elective leaders has unbroken the military free from being control in charge of basics things like employment, infrastructure, public health, water, etc. however over an amount of your time, vox populi began to alter. Ever since the last coup, public mood turned against the direct military rule which acted as a deterrent. An honest and powerful elective government keeps the army’s powers in check and with the democracy, it improves believability at international forums, therefore the folks have voted for a replacement star.


Challenges before Imran Khan

Maintain political stability

Imran Khan has got to face a great deal of issues for the country celebrated for political instability. Since political stability forms the idea for the functioning of the govt machinery because it can change the new government to specialize in the economy, foreign investment, reforms, internal security, and foreign relations. Because, instability can have a negative impact on foreign-funded economic comes, the security state of affairs, and will influence be an excellent obstacle for foreign investment.

Relationship with Bharat

Imran Khan has to bring relations with its arch-rival Bharat to resolve its border problems and Kashmir crisis. Bharat suspended bilateral dialogue with West Pakistan, ever since an attack on an Indian base in Pathankot in Apr 2016. Bharat has squarely damn on Pakistan-based militant teams. West Pakistan had denied any involvement and offered cooperation within the investigation.

Strengthening ties with North American country

The new leader conjointly faces another complicated drawback managing the u.s., that area unit presently at all-time low purpose within the history of foreign relations. The U.S. junction rectifier a campaign recently to put West Pakistan on the gray list (Financial Action Task Force (FATF)). The superpower has defendant the country for failing to curb anti-terror funding. The position may hurt Pakistan's economy further as its international standing. Besides, the U.S. has conjointly suspended military aid to Pakistan. North American country President Donald Trump in his year tweet, defendant Islamabad of being a "liar" and alleged that "They (Pakistan) offer cover to the terrorists we have a tendency to hunt in India, with very little facilitate." Pakistan had angrily reacted to the remarks.

Election guarantees

Imran Khan pledged to make ten million new jobs and secure to make 5 million homes for the poor. It’s a vital promise since youth represent nearly sixty-four percent of the country's population and have offered the majority of Imran Khan's electoral support. Besides, Khan has secured that he has the support rich overseas Pakistanis may herald billions of greenbacks in investment and experience to construct and develop the country. What is more, he claimed that he can improve poor education and health facilities. Currently because of the country's elective leader, he can currently be expected to deliver on of these guarantees.

Economic issues

Though Pakistan GDP rate is 5.8 % that is that the quickest within the last decade, West Pakistan is slowly falling into debt lure. Pakistan's accounting deficit widened forty-third to $18 billion within the twelvemonth ending June 2018; however, the damaging business enterprise deficit has zoomed to sixty-eight. Pakistan's financial organization degraded the rupee fourfold since Gregorian calendar month, weakening it by quite twenty-fifth, amid efforts to avert a balance of payments crisis within the country. Its foreign reserves area unit falling and plunged to only over $9 billion last week from $16.4 billion (May 2017). These problems can figure throughout the ensuing spherical of monetary negotiations with the International money. The International Monetary Fund may implement structural reforms. It may conjointly force the country’s monetary consultants to require steps to chop defrayment so as to cut back the burden of business enterprise deficit that may create additional drawbacks on Imran Khan.

Strong opposition

Despite winning the election Imran can feel the pressures from a powerful and typically even combined Opposition within the national assembly. It may be additional, if he forms a government in Punjab, he would get to take care of the issue and handle it tactfully. The Pakistan Peoples Party has aforesaid it'll sit within the Opposition within the national assembly. Since PML-Nawaz leader Shahbaz Sharif has wanted time to come to a decision, however several senior party leaders favored this feature. Invigorating the method of pushing the reforms whereas operating with a powerful Opposition during a parliament when a bitterly fought election may be an intimidating task for the new leader.



To be an excellent leader, one must have smart methods, be knowledgeable and able to predict the long run.” the planet is dynamical, Asia is dynamical, and Pakistan, needless to say, got to modification otherwise it'll fall behind. Folks of Pakistan would like a modification and expect to be a growing nation, in order that they have voted for Imran Khan since they need felt that he is going to be a much better selection than that of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. They believe that Imran Khan, the cricket star and high celebrity may use his fame and attractiveness to boost the expansion of the country and adjust the country’s troubled relations with the West.

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