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What is the main reason of health issues?

While working as nutritionist, I found that one of the main reason of our poor health is contaminated water that we drink. 60 to 70% patients I used to face were victimized by the intake of unfiltered water. People usually do not think about their water when they fall ill. Our health is also affected by the environment we live in, our society and our surroundings. If you are living in an industrial area you will surely be having asthma attacks every now and then because of the amount of gases present in the air in which you breath. Also various respiratory diseases and other adverse health effects are one of the biggest consequences of air pollution.



Warm and cold water effects on health

The research regarding water has been concluded and It confirmed that warm water is 100% effective in resolving some health issues such as:


-Joints pain


-Increment in cholesterol levels



-High Blood pressure

-Low blood pressure






Best foods that are proved healthy.




Our body needs some essential substances on the daily basis to maintain our good health. They are :


  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamins and minerals


We need a balanced amount of above nutritions in order to stay healthy. Deficiency of any of the substance results in weakness and pain in body that (if not cured) converts in serious health issues.

And many other problems for which the public consult their doctor.Cold water consumption is very bad for one's causes liver problems and also closes 4 veins of heart and results in heart attack.

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