How To start Earning Money Online

How much time do you spend using your mobile at the end of the day? You can look at it from the settings, but to have an approximate notion, one in three Spaniards spends 20 hours a week using applications, according to Pickaso, which translates into four hours a day if we remove on weekends or 2.8 hours If we add Saturdays and Sundays. There are those who say that time is money, and that premise can be applied perfectly to mobile phones, or at least that is what the blogs that appear on Google say when you are looking to "make money with your mobile phone". We all like free money, and more if it can be achieved with "little effort" and from the comfort of the sofa while watching a movie on Netflix. But it is possible? Our companion Enrique has already discovered that no, but as Samanta Villar said in "21 days", it is not the same to tell it as to live it, so we have spent 30 days trying to earn money with the mobile not to say how much we have earned, but to tell how It has been the experience.

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