Losing to Facebook, Google still launched a new social network to compete

Google is one of the giants in the technology industry with too many services and products related to digital life. They can be proud to own the largest search engine, an Android operating system with the most users. However, social networking has never been a strength of them.

What social networks does Google own? Perhaps the most prominent name, Google+. There are also other "brothers" like Orkut and Google Buzz. However, all these social networks are not comparable with Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Google has always been a "loser" in the battle for social networks, but they are determined not to give up the game.

Soon, they will launch a brand new social network called Shoelace. So what will this Shoelace take to compete with Facebook and other social networks? Google designed this social network based on connecting people based on common interests in specific events and activities of each person. Put simply, Google wants Shoelace to be a place to connect with people outside in real life and spend less time plugging in to computers and phones.

This social networkwill list events that can be shared with others in the app and find out who has the same hobby to make friends. In addition, users can create profiles to share information about their interests to easily make friends or to plan upcoming events.

But Shoelace is still only being tested in New York. In the future, Google will bring this social network throughout the United States. The tech giant wants this social network to help people connect with each other through real life and spend less time on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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