Pubg mobile tricks

Many were anxiously awaiting the release of this game, and it can be with confidence, said they were waiting, and not in vain. The game was very cool, it hardly differs from its computer version. We know that you want to get PUBG Mobile hack, which will help you win and give you other advantages. And you will receive it on our site completely free, the main thing is to read this article until the end and you will find everything. Like the computer game, the mobile version has a great card so that all players are reset the card size is 8 by 8 kilometers and 100 players play on it. All players have the same task - to survive. The island where you will find absolutely everything, houses, trees, lakes, grass and much more, is very realistic. There are also scattered over several things that will help you play, these weapons, first aid kits, clothing and much more. There are no rules, you can play alone or join groups with other players. Kill opponents, you can collect your things and everything they found. If you have seen a video or play a PC version, then you already know what PUBG Mobile offers. Of course, the mobile version has some differences, but among its competitors mobile, it has no equal, and play at least once you will understand why. But enough about the game, you probably already know a lot about it, so let's get to business.

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