Reason failing students due to nervous

Nervous habbits also cause of is diffcult  sit on desk and concerate on lecture.such boys start sharpening pencil and when after sharpening they observe that his all pencils need sahrpenning  and so on.until the time has gone and nothing to done.The lack on conceration and suffer from nervous habbits.other can tell them their diffculty such nervous habbits are not easy  to uproot and so far.It cannot be eradicated by anyone but the boy by himself.other can only see their diffculty.But the boy take himself by the collar and make himself a cultivate a poise and calm that smoothers the

he does not really try to do it.Although he thinks he trying and often spends more time in the presence of open an book  than many of equal ability to do good work.For they have to devlop  balnce in their attitudes.The should be able to work with full attention at the desk for hours togeather.A student cannot work with concertration may spend hours in studying books but with no postive results.Unless he supress his nervous habbits


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Asif Falak - Oct 5, 2019, 7:48 AM - Add Reply


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