The Hoggar "Tassili n'Ajjer" ( A heavenly touristic site to be visited)

    The Hoggar or The Tassili n'Ajjer is the dwelling place of the Toureg people in the far south of Algeria.It is a vast volcanic mountainuous area which is larger than some European countries. Its highest peak is Mount Tahat which is 2918 high. The landform of the Hoggar with its gigantic and astonishing archtectural features make visitors to the region bewitched by its splendor.

     The calm of the region, sometimes rocked by wind alongside the magestic rocks cut down with the ingeniosity of erosion incite visitors to contemplation and enjoy peace of mind.

     The Tassili n'Ajjer has more rock paintings and engravings than any other prehistoric Saharan sites, and it contains the most beautiful remains of the prehistoric civilizations of the Sahara.

     If you have the opprtunity to visit The Hoggar, you will for sure meet the Touregs also called "The blue men" because of their specific clothes in blue. The Touregs are very kind people who speak the "Tifinagh" dialect. In The Hoggar, women have more social and deciding power than men; that's why "The mother of the Touaregs" named Tin Hinan was a Queen which had a legendary beauty and wisdom to rule the inhabitants of the Tassili (Hoggar). This story seems to be true since archeologists in 1925 found a well-conserved skeleton of a women which is most probably Tin Hinan.

    The Hoggar is a wondeful place which really deserves to be visited.

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