What is the ideology of science?


Original Answer: What is the ideology (and not the method) of science?

 1. Everything is essentially mechanical.

 FALSE.  It is not a question of "everything" but only of what is material (and which excludes for example the information, the representations, and even the waves and radiations).

 Moreover, concerning the material world, it is not a question of a "belief", but of a statement never refuted, almost a tautology.


 2. Matter is unconscious.  She has neither inner life, nor subjectivity, nor point of view.  The human conscience is itself only an illusion. produced by the physicochemical activity of the brain.

 FALSE;  science does not consider consciousness to be an "illusion", claiming it only shows Sheldrake's bad faith.  And to say that "matter is unconscious" makes no sense.


 3. The total amount of matter and energy remains constant (with the exception of the Big Bang, when all the matter-energy of the Universe suddenly appeared).

 True, but again it is not a "belief", but a physical law demonstrated and never faulted.  And the Big Bang is off topic.


 4. The laws of nature are immutable.  They are today what they were at the beginning and will be so forever.

 Idem, it is not a belief, but an observation never contradicted.  Otherwise, science does not decide what will happen forever.


 5. Nature has no intention, evolution has no purpose or direction.

 Idem again, the lack of intentionality of nature has never been refuted.


 6. All biological inheritance is material, carried by the genetic baggage, the DNA and other physicochemical structures.

 Idem always, it is still not "belief", but results validated and never denied.


 7. The mind is located inside the head, consciousness is only the result of brain activity.  "When you look at a tree, the tree you see is not" outside "as it seems to be, but in your head where it is rebuilt.

 Aside from this being redundant with point 2, here again it is not a "belief" but widely proven and proven results.


 8. The memories are stored as physical imprints by the brain and disappear, as leached, at the moment of death.

 Always the same, except that it is expressed in an abusively simplistic way, which shows above all the crass ignorance of Sheldrake in neurology, and the credulity of his followers.


 9. Unexplained phenomena such as telepathy are only illusions.

 HANDLING: before talking about "unexplained phenomena", one should first demonstrate their existence;  but no phenomenon of telepathy has ever been demonstrated, for all those who have alleged it, falsifications have been demonstrated.


 10. Modern mechanistic medicine is the only one that is really effective.

 DOUBLE FALSE: On the one hand modern medicine is not only "mechanism" (for proof, it integrates hypnosis, sophrology, several types of psychotherapies, etc ...) on the other hand it does not deny the effectiveness of traditional medicines, if they demonstrate their effectiveness according to a rigorous protocol

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