what is the purpose of the clitoris in women? Why do they have 2 points of pleasure and only one for men?


 The goal of the clitoris is only pleasure.  It only serves that purpose. There are not two points of pleasure for women.  There are only clitoris, contrary to popular beliefs about clitoral women vs. vaginal women.  The clitoris is large, much larger than the small point that we imagine.


 In reality he surrounds the vagina all the way down.  There are therefore two possible stimulations of the same organ.  The glans of the clitoris, and the lower part of the clitoris. (vestibular bubbles, clitoral pillars etc.)


 I am not convinced that there is only one point of pleasure for men.  Of course the penis and all that it encompasses, is an area of ​​intense pleasure, but it seems, the stimulation of the prostate is equivalent to the height of pleasure.  Good after, put a finger in the back of his partner, it's not necessarily a moment of sharing we all want to have with his man

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